VERTE Telecom.

Confidential mobile communication
Provides absolute privacy of mobile communication
  • Without roaming
  • Operates
    all over the world
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Protection against all kinds of risks

VERTE Telecom SIM-card is suitable for any type of mobile phones - from the simplest feature phone to the new-generation smartphone

  • Against positioning
  • Against phone detail
  • Against subscriber
    identification by
    phonetic characteristics
  • Against wiretapping

Learn more about all possible mobile network vulnerabilities

Verte Telecom began its developments in the area of confidential mobile communication in 2012 Russian and British experts on GSM-networks and information security were involved in the process.

Since then, we have accumulated great experience with all possible mobile communication vulnerabilities
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How does the confidential mobile communication work?

On GSM standards, like any other mobile communication

VERTE Telecom does not have its own radio infrastructure.

Access to the network is provided through an agreement with GSMA and 500 support operators in 200 countries around the world.

2 min 34 sec
Watch the video on how to use VERTE Telecom SIM-card

And this is absolutely confidential

Protection against more than 5 kinds of risks

VERTE Telecom has a number of differences from standard mobile operators, which makes it the most secure and confidential.

  • Anonymous connection
  • Full control at the network level
  • Control of the VERTE identification module with specialized applets

Confidentiality mechanisms

  • Ignoring STELS commands

    SIM-card ignores zero level sms

  • «Two shoulders» technology

    There is always protected VERTE Telecom ATS between you and your interlocutor

  • Invisible for intercept complexes

    VERTE Telecom SIM-card ignores suspicious cell towers

  • Forced encryption

    Prevents your SIM card from lowering the encryption level

  • Hiding real identifiers

    IMSI, Ki, MSISDN, IMEI cannot be accessed by intruders

  • Lack of detail

    It's impossible to track the outgoing and incoming calls from your SIM-card

What for?

It allows to hide the SIM-card MSISDN identifier (mobile number of the subscriber) from the public access:

  • it is impossible to determine the actual location of the subscriber
  • it's impossible to get billing data
  • it’s impossible to be affected by Stels sms and be attacked via SS7 signaling network

Convenient for incoming calls

You can connect several phone numbers with the code of any country for one SIM card – for example, Russian and British.

Examples of city and country codes from which your virtual number can start with

+7 (499) — Moscow+86 (10) — Beijing
+7 (812) — St. Petersburg+44 (20) — London
+1 (212) — New-Yorkand 150+ countries

What is it?

A necessary option for those who travel a lot or travel on business. This option is automatically connected to all subscribers. That is, calls to Russia, Europe and the US cost the same.


Communication is equally protected and confidential in all countries of the world.

What is it?

Distortion of subscriber’s voice in real time.

How it happens?

During a conversation, your voiceprint is transformed and its tone changes. Before each call, the subscriber selects a tone of voice from low to high with a simple USSD command.

What for?

Due to the function of voice alteration, you cannot be identified by phonetic characteristics. Even if someone from your phone book is wiretapped, it is impossible to identify your voice at the time of a telephone conversation.

Listen to how voice alteration works

Original voiceVoice alteration 1 – high voiceVoice alteration 2 – variative voiceVoice alteration 3 – variative voice with big amplitude

What is it?

Changing of outcoming number to your virtual number, random number or number at your request – landline or mobile number, for example +7(901) 000-00-00. As a result, the number you chose for the call is displayed on the phone screen and in the details of the calls of the second subscriber.

How it happens?

Due to short USSD command you activate number alteration mode and enter any phone number from which you want to make a call.* it is forbidden to use numbers in 8800 format as alterative ones to exclude the possibility of fraud.

What for?

This additional function allows you to hide your real identifiers when calling

  • an alterative number is displayed in the detailing of the addressee
  • it's impossible to reach you via an alterative number

Test number alteration function

Choose any number and VERTE Telecom specialist will call you from that number
Please note that these two numbers cannot coincide

Assess the degree of confidentiality of your telephone conversations*

Choose one of the ways to protect information and subscriber in GSM networks

* Based on the report
«The review of vulnerabilities of digital mobile cellular communications»
  • Cryptophone

    Phone with a hack-resistant encryption algorithm

    • Protection level

    • Pros

      • Complex algorithms for encrypting messages and conversations
      • Protects against interception systems
    • Cons

      • Not protected when calls to ordinary phones - only calls from the cryptophone to the cryptophone are encrypted
      • For calls in safe mode, you need a stable Internet connection (Wi-Fi, at the very least 3G)
      • Considering the fact that an ordinary sim is put into the cryptophone, subject to any impact, it becomes possible to determine the location, social circle and produce attacks at the level of the sim
      • Presence of such device in the GSM network attracts more attention
      • Cryptophone - a proprietary device and in fact it is anyone’s guess what the official manufacturers put in its software
      • Absence of movement without roaming
  • Messengers

    Programs/applications for messaging or making calls over the Internet

    • Protection level

    • Pros

      • Can be used in your phone, does not require additional devices
      • Minimal protection with additional encryption
    • Cons

      • Do not protect from almost anything, are vulnerable to the main and most accessible vulnerabilities (SORM, MNO, interception complexes, Stels SMS, billing, encryption, SS7), that is, conversations can be overheard, geolocation can be identified, data from the phone can be copied
  • Changing of SIM-cards and phones

    Very often, for example, after each call, change the device and SIM card

    • Protection level

    • Pros

      • Due to the frequent change of SIM cards, wiretap and surveillance are organized every time anew, and this takes time
    • Cons

      • All SIM cards, even those bought on the black market without a passport, are vulnerable at least at the level of the mobile operator
      • Analytical data (for example, the regular showing up of a new phone in one geolocation) allow to instantly identify the subscriber and set up surveillance and wiretap
      • Phonetic features - the data by which you can easily find the subscriber of interest
      • One call or message to the number from the subscriber's address book (for example, to the number of a relative or business partner) immediately makes the subscriber visible
  • VERTE Telecom communication

    Communication, which provides maximum confidentiality on GSM standards

    • Protection level

    • Pros

      • Protection of calls and analytical data of the subscriber from all possible vulnerabilities (SORM, MNO, interception complexes, Stels SMS, billing, encryption, SS7)
      • Secure Internet access
      • Secure internal short message exchange system
      • It is impossible to identify a subscriber by phonetic features due to the voice alteration function
      • Possibility to keep your phone number secret due to the number alteration function
    • Cons

      • No hard-level encryption

SIM-card cost

One-time pay for buying a SIM-card and network connection

  • «VIP» package


    Suitable for business partners or family members who want to keep the absolute confidentiality of conversations and the privacy of movements of subscribers.

    • 3 SIM-cards
    • Voice alteration function
    • Number alteration function
    • Free SIM card restore in case of loss or theft
    • Free delivery anywhere in the world
    • Anonymous 24-hour tech support for SIM-cardholders
  • «Business» package


    Suitable for business partners or colleagues who need to keep the privacy of conversations and also provide themselves with confidentiality in the GSM network.

    • 2 SIM-cards
    • Voice alteration function
    • Number alteration function
    • Free SIM card restore in case of loss or theft
    • Free delivery anywhere in the world
    • Anonymous 24-hour tech support for SIM-cardholders
  • «Standard» package


    Suitable for individual protection of the subscriber in the GSM network. Keeps the privacy of movements and protects from definition of subscriber IDs.

    • 1 SIM-card
    • Voice alteration function
    • Number alteration function
    • Free SIM card restore in case of loss or theft
    • Free delivery anywhere in the world
    • Anonymous 24-hour tech support for SIM-cardholders

The basic tariff

Suitable for Russia, Kazakhstan, European countries, the U.S.

  • Calls

    100 min — 75$
    250 min — 125$
    500 min — 200$

    No limit 1 month – 300$
    No limit 12 months – 2 500$
    No limit 6 month – 1 500$

  • SMS messages


    SMS messages are disabled for security reasons. VERTE subscribers can exchange USSD messages via FMC numbers.
  • Internet

    1 MB from 0,04$

Get the tariff details for other countries
Detailed tariff description will be automatically opened
One-time fee for the SIM-card purchase and mobile network connection

Get the individual terms

Answer the questions - and we will select the optimal tariff for your tasks, add or exclude additional functions

  • 4 questions left out of 4

    In how many countries do you need safe mobile communication?

  • There are 3 questions left out of 4

    How much time do you plan to talk?

  • There are 2 questions left out of 4

    Do you need a virtual number* for incoming calls?

    * Phone number with a code of a certain city or country
  • Almost done

    Do you need a number alteration function?

  • Fill in the fields below – and VERTE Telecom specialist will select the individual tariff and send the detailing to your e-mail

    Individual terms will be assigned to this number

Refill and customer service

  • Instant refill
    in any currency

    • Transfer to the bank account (commission-free)
    • By cash to VERTE Telecom representative (commission-free)
    • Any QIWI terminal (commission-free)
    • Paying with VISA, MASTERCARD (3% commission)
  • Tech Support 24/7

    • We answer questions and solve problems of any complexity
    • We instantly respond to any request, 7 minutes – the average time from request to solving the problem
    • 24/7 support

Official representations of VERTE Telecom

Delivery and receipt

We remain the principle of confidentiality, do not require your personal data

in person

In the cities that have our official representative office. Your personal presence is not required to get a SIM card.

We can deliver the card to your secretary or a friend.

by courier service

The delivery time is 1-4 days. In case of delivery by courier service, an advance payment of 15% of the SIM-card cost is collected.

The cost of delivery to anywhere in the world – free of charge.

from our clients

We value your opinion, keeping absolute confidentiality

  • Anonymously

    We solved the problem with information leakage

    We work in the field of metallurgy. Almost after each conversation, we, the founders and the tops, had to change phones and SIM cards, but the competitors still intercepted the information. Because of this, we lost several important contracts.

    Now we have been using all the Verte functions to protect the conversations for more than 2 months. There was no more leakage of information.

  • Anonymously

    Communication without roaming

    I often go on trips — in Russia and Europe. I talk a lot with my family and partners. By virtue of my work, I need to keep complete confidentiality — conversations, locations, detailings.

    Firstly, with VERTE I do not pay for roaming and use the Internet at home and on trips without any problems. Secondly, I know that all my conversations are protected.

  • Anonymously

    Reducing the costs of maintaining confidentiality

    We have a large international company with offices in 5 countries. Traditional methods of protection (changing phones, cryptophones, messengers) did not give any results. Therefore, we decide to develop our own hardware and software complex – it was followed by huge financial and time costs. But even our own equipment did not give protection at a high level.

    Now we use VERTE, which fully provides us with confidential communication. Due to this, we reduced the cost of service and maintenance of expensive equipment.

  • Anonymously

    There is no unnecessary information in the phone's memory

    Anonymously. I communicate with my business partner. It is important for me that my numbers and other data are not stored in my phonebook and my partner's phone book.

    When communicating, we use short internal numbers, on which it is impossible to identify the subscriber, so VERTE Telecom has fully solved our problem.

  • Anonymously

    Voice alteration and full protection

    It was necessary to fully protect when talking on a mobile phone – so that it was impossible to identify me not only by number or group of subscribers, but also by voice in case of wiretap using specialized equipment.

    I was interested in the function of voice alteration. I use it all the time (more than half a year) and haven’t found any vulnerabilities.

  • Anonymously

    Secure Internet

    I bought VERTE SIM-card for confidential correspondence in messengers and for visiting blocked websites.

    Communication works great, maintaining confidentiality.

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